Hoarder Houses


What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a debilitating mental illness that requires intervention. This illness is somewhat common among seniors or those who have been living alone for a long period of time. There was even an extremely popular television series about these individuals facing this illness and living in deplorable conditions because of it.

What “Hoarding” Does to a Home

When you are dealing with a hoarder’s home you are dealing with a space crammed with personal belongings that makes moving through the home nearly impossible. This could include floor to ceiling piles of paper, books, clothing and countless other personal possessions. This kind of home inevitably falls into disrepair because the hoarder often will not allow strangers in the home. A hoarder’s home can be a health hazard, both inside and out.

Hoarding Homes Are Almost Impossible to Sell

Whether you are in this position or what is more often the case, you’re dealing with the property of a loved one who is a hoarder, it can be quite difficult if you need to sell this property for financial reasons. The prospect of cleaning a hoarder home is overwhelming, nevermind the structural or cosmetic issues that may be at hand.

Hoarder Homes Are Almost Impossible to Restore

When a home deteriorates, the financial cost of bringing it back to liveable conditions can be extensive. The good news is SellThatHouseNow.com specializes in impossible real estate. We buy hoarder homes no matter how much “stuff” it holds, how serious the health and sanitation issues or what will be required for clean up. You will not be responsible for this intimidating and often agonizing process, allow our team to take care of this for you.

We Buy Hoarder Homes Because We Care About People

We care about people, we care about their health and welfare and work with individuals and families in all situations and from all walks of life. If you own a home that has been impacted by hoarding, you know selling it may be a difficult process that requires sensitivity and understanding. No matter the difficulty, SellThatHouseNow.com will offer you and your family a seamless, compassionate and confidential transition.

You Can Sell a Hoarder Home Without “Fixing” or Cleaning it Up

When a hoarder home is your reality it can be hard to even know how to ask for help. The thought of showing or trying to market a house in this condition might be overwhelming and planning to “fix it’ simply impossible. Call SellThatHouseNow.com, we will make you an offer without having to lift a finger.