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Bad Renters / Investment

  • Rental Properties Don’t Always Equal Profits
  • Rental Property Can Be a Money Pit
  • Owning Property = Owing Money
  • We Buy Terrible Apartment Buildings – With Equally Terrible Tenants
  • No Rental Property Is Too Much Trouble for SellThatHouseNow.com

Distresses Houses

  • We Buy Distressed, Neglected, Damaged Houses & Buildings
  • No Matter the Condition – We’re Interested In Your Property
  • How Can We Buy Real Estate That No One Else Will?
  • We Buy Unsellable Real Estate – Helping People and Communities While We Do It


  • Divorce = Separating Property Purchased Together
  • Divorce + Disagreements x the Court System = Lost Time & Money
  • What If a Home Has Declined In Value?
  • No Property Is Undesirable – to Sell That House Now
  • We Understand & Care About You

Fire and Flood

  • A Fire Damaged Home Is Tough Sell
  • Flooding & Leaking – Water Damaged Homes are a Tough Sell
  • We Know How to Assess Your Home – You Get a Fair Price
  • SellThatHouseNow.com Will Buy Your Fire or Flood Damaged Home, As-Is!

Foreclosure Avoidance

  • Threat of Foreclosure? Let Us Help!
  • A Short Sale May Be the Answer
  • Considering a Short Sale? – Know Your Rights as a Homeowner
  • Foreclosure Requires You to Move Quickly

Hoarder Houses

  • What Is Hoarding?
  • What “Hoarding” Does to a Home
  • Hoarding Homes Are Almost Impossible to Sell
  • Hoarder Homes Are Almost Impossible to Restore
  • We Buy Hoarder Homes Because We Care About People
  • You Can Sell a Hoarder Home Without “Fixing” or Cleaning it Up

Need to Sell Fast

  • What Is a “Quick Sale?”
  • How Long Will It Take to Sell Your Property If It’s In Good Shape?
  • How Long Will It Take to Sell Your Property If It’s In Poor Shape?
  • Do You Need Money From the Sale of Your Property As Soon As Possible?
  • If You Need to Sell Your Home or Property Fast – Call Us

Inheritance & Probate

  • Inherited Property Isn’t Always the Gift You May Think
  • Inheriting Property Can be a Liability
  • The Property Isn’t Yours Until It Goes Through Probate
  • Do You Have the Time and Money for Probate?
  • Inheriting Property Can Be Expensive
  • Inheriting Property Can Be Tons of Work and Trouble
  • Can You Afford to Inherit a Home?
  • So You’ve Inherited a Problem Property
  • Let Us Help Handle All the Details

Relocation / Job Transfer

  • Forced to Sell Your Home Due to a Shift in Career?
  • Forced To Sell Your Home Due to Change in Job Status?
  • When You Need to Sell Quickly – But Your Home Is In Rough Condition
  • Why SellThatHouseNow.com is the Best Choice – We Buy Homes In Any Condition, Quick


  • Preparing to Retire? Does It Makes Sense to Sell Your Home – Quickly
  • Renting Is a Great Option For Seniors
  • Leaving a Home to Your Family to Inherit May Not Be the Gift You Think
  • Selling Your Home at Retirement Has Great Benefits

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