Divorce = Separating Property Purchased Together

One of the most challenging aspects of divorce is deciding what to do with property purchased together. Even when divorce is amicable, making a decision about the family home can be difficult. When a couple separates, they lose the power of their combined income and their individual buying power may not be what it was when they were together. In these situations, selling is the best solution allowing for both parties to have a fresh start.

Divorce + Disagreements x the Court System = Lost Time & Money

A family’s most valuable asset is the shared property they own. Disagreements in divorce and difficulty negotiating terms, can create a long, painful, and costly process. When no one can agree on how to handle the property, lawyers and the courts will decide and this could result in a forced sale in order to divide assets.

What If a Home Has Declined In Value?

Selling a property can benefit both parties in a divorce – but only if the home has enough value and equity to be a financial benefit. Some things to consider — what if the property is in poor condition, needs unbudgeted repairs to make it desirable, or most difficult — has damage from natural disaster, or significant neglect. These instances will make the property a liability.

No Property Is Undesirable – to Sell That House Now

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