Bad Renters / Investment

Rental Properties Don’t Always Equal Profits

What could be better than having additional monthly income from your rental property? The truth is, sometimes the work and time spent don’t outweigh the reward. Rental property can be demanding of your time and more importantly, your wallet.

Rental Property Can Be a Money Pit

You thought you found a great deal, but it was only great on the surface. Now you find yourself spending all of the money you thought you’d be banking from your rental property. Many people purchase rental property with a vision for long-term financial freedom. Unfortunately, rental property can often become a money pit that drains financial resources, time, and energy.

Owning Property = Owing Money

Good, long-term tenants that pay rent on time and take care of your property are rare. As a landlord you will discover that everything that can go wrong in a rental home, will and more quickly than your private residence. Maintaining any outdoor landscaping – and the pool that every tenant loves to have – is incredibly expensive. And as a property ages, making even a small profit on your rental income may be virtually impossible.

We Buy Terrible Apartment Buildings – With Equally Terrible Tenants

At we buy dilapidated rental properties with obnoxious tenants – that’s one of our specialties. We have handled the worst-case multi-unit real estate imaginable; everything from crumbling structures to buildings with tenants who put holes in the walls..

No Rental Property Is Too Much Trouble for can help you get out from under a rental that is financially ruining your life. We guarantee a smooth transition, we handle all property related issues with the building and its occupants. Call today – let me help you sell your rental property successfully today and have cash in hand tomorrow!